Non-Residents are always concerned about their compliance with India Taxation Rules and Regulations. In case Non-Residents own assets or have inherited wealth in India and/or have taxable income in India, then they are liable to file their Income Tax returns in India. 

Filing of tax returns in India by Non-Residents is always advisable.  It facilitates ease of movement/transfer of funds across border for the NRI’s if they are Tax compliant and appropriate disclosures have been made to the Tax authorities. It also safeguards the Non-Residents against any penalty and prosecution. 

We at Gopal Chopra & Associates have a dedicated Team of Experts who offer personalised and quick responses and handle all Tax related issues pertaining to all Non-Residents whether is is Non-Resident Indians (NRI’s), Overseas Citizen of India (OCI’s), Persons of Indian Origin residing overseas (PIO’s) and Foreign Citizens Residing in India (Expatriates). 

We offer wide range of  Compliance Services to Non-Residents which include the following:-

  1. Application for PAN/TAN/DSC/DIN etc.
  2. Filing of Tax Returns
  3. Issuance of CA Certificate like 15CA & 15CB for remittance of funds outside India
  4. Representations before the Tax Authorities/Reply to various Notices issued by Indian Tax authorities
  5. Getting Lower deduction Certificates from the Tax Authorities
  6. Advisory services to Non-Residents
    • Returning NRI’s as well as Emigrating/New NRIs
    • Benefits available under  Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) to reduce Tax Liability
    • Facilitate clearance from Income Tax, RBI and other regulatory Authorities to Non-resident and repatriation of funds who inherit assets in India

    7. Miscellaneous Services to Non-Residents having Investments or are planning to set up business in India

    • Monitor, record and periodically report on his investments.
    • Facilitate repatriation of Income/sale proceeds of investment and property.
    • Hand Holding the entire process for setting up of business and compliances.

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