GCA offers diverse banking services, including project finance, working capital finance, structured financing, acquisition funding, promoter funding, overseas funding, and collateral-free loans/startup funding. Our tailored solutions empower clients to achieve their goals with exceptional expertise and personalized support. Partner with us for reliable, innovative, and efficient banking services.

 Project finance is the long-term financing of new/expansion of commercial manufacturing setup based upon the projected cash flows of the project instead of the balance sheets.

Working Capital Finance: A working capital loan is a loan that’s taken to finance a company’s everyday operations ie company’s short-term operational needs.These could be Fund Based (CC/OD/WCDL/Export credit) or Non Fund Based Bank Guarantee/Letter of Credit etc
Structured Financing: It is a complex form of financing, used for a large-scale fund infusion. It is beyond the scope of conventional tools like a loan or a bond. Borrowers with Special/higher needs seek structured funding in the form of Collateralized Debt-obligations, Syndicated loans, and Mortgage-Backed Securities.

Acquisition Funding: Acquisition financing is the funding which a corporation uses specifically to acquire another company. By acquiring another company, a company can grow faster inorganically and expand its footprint/business reach.
Promoter Funding: A facility provided to promoters of well-managed companies to boost funds against their stake therein operating company. These funds are often utilized for various needs like financing for Acquisitions and take-over financing and business growth. These funding are short to medium-term in nature.

Overseas Funding: Overseas funding refers to a fund that invests in companies outside the country of residence of the investor. These are often also called as international funds or foreign funds. Overseas funding is often through closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds or mutual funds.
LAP/Collateral Free Loan/Startup funding: These are lending forms to support new entities and smaller business requirements with faster turnaround and quick business support.

Why Us:
1.Experienced professionals having 24+ years of Industry experience with Top private sector Banks of Country in Lending Business
2. Expertise in arranging debt at competitive rates
3.Understand both your requirement and that of lenders
4.Specialize in Deal structuring for smooth processing and beneficial terms conducive for Client Business. 



Audit and Assurance Services are one of the most important and fundamental services that is being provided by a Chartered Accountant Firm. It basically provides the required trust of the Financial Reporting Formats to various Stakeholders.

International Taxation

We Advise clients on cross border transactions to optimise and assist them on local and cross border tax compliances. We are actively involved in transactions pertaining to creation and maintenance of tax efficient international structures across geographies.

Domestic Taxation

We at Gopal Chopra & Associates understand the importance and intricacies of taxation issues both at the Domestic and the International Level. We provide solutions of how to cross the hurdles of Domestic as well as International Taxation matters.


GCA has more than 30+ years’ experience delivering customised back-office financial and accounting outsourcing services.We help our clients focus on core business objectives, lower internal costs, improve overall efficiency and provide the flexibility to scale up quickly. We provide our services to onshore and offshore clients.

System Risk Management

GCA Security Risk Management services provide the expertise to help assess your risk, formulate a strategic plan, and implement security risk management and monitoring capabilities to support compliance. Our experienced advisors help you be more proactive and build an end-to-end cyber security capability that meets business goals and transforms risk management with full situational awareness.

Corporate Advisory

Our advisory services include strategic planning and market research; Legal, tax, and regulatory compliance; Mergers and acquisitions; Capital formation and investment strategies; and Corporate restructuring.

Our team of financial and regulatory experts can help you achieve your goals and achieve success in the markets today and tomorrow.

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