Corporate Advisory & Secretarial Services

Corporate Advisory

We provide practical and strategic advice to help our clients navigate today’s complex economic and regulatory environment and ensure they have the tools necessary to succeed in tomorrow’s evolving markets. 

We begin with a deep understanding of our client’s business and industry and build a tailored strategy based on their goals and priorities. 

Our advisory services include strategic planning and market research; Legal, tax, and regulatory compliance; Mergers and acquisitions; Capital formation and investment strategies; and Corporate restructuring. 

Our team of financial and regulatory experts can help you achieve your goals and achieve success in the markets today and tomorrow.

Company Secretarial Services

Why You Should Outsource Your Company Secretarial Duties

Letting GCA handle all the secretarial compliances of your company can bring substantial benefits to your business. The services we provide to companies can enhance the efficiency of your company overall, allowing your employees to focus on their roles.

GCA  provides the following key services:

  • Corporate Governance Services

    Advising on good governance practices and compliance with Corporate Governance norms as prescribed under various Corporate, Securities, and Other Business Laws and regulations and guidelines made thereunder.


  • Corporate Secretarial Services   

    Promotion, formation,  incorporation, and Annual Filings of companies/LLPs and matters related therewith . Filing, registering any document including forms, returns, and applications by and on behalf of the company as an authorised representative. Maintenance of secretarial records, statutory books, and registers Arranging board/general meetings and preparing minutes thereof. All work relating to shares and their transfer and transmission CORPORATE LAWS ADVISORY, REPRESENTATION, and Certification Services.

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