With digitalization, the global boundaries are getting blurred so the governments and the regulators across the globe are striving to bring about radical changes in their approach toward traditional tax areas to ensure Tax efficiency across jurisdictions.

Accordingly, Tax for Organisations has become a complex issue and they are looking for a consolidated approach for resolution relating to issues like International Tax structuring, transfer pricing, M & A transactions, and response to the Regulators.

GCA understands the need of the hour and has proven expertise and knowledge in providing solutions with Value additions besides ensuring compliance with tax laws across geographies. It has helped organizations establish a global footprint in a tax-efficient manner. GCA collaborates with tax professionals around the world, further supported by an in-house experienced team of professionals to support multinational enterprises.

We Advise clients on cross border transactions to optimise and assist them on local and cross border tax compliances. We are actively involved in transactions pertaining to creation and maintenance of tax efficient international structures across geographies.

The services more specifically include:-

  • Setting up offshore global holding companies

  • Cross Border structuring including Deal Advisory

  • Setting up special purpose vehicles for ownership of intellectual property rights at a tax efficient location with intra- group licensing agreements

  • Global transfer Pricing Policy to mitigate local transfer pricing challenges

  • Determination of the correct withholding taxes  on payments to Non-Residents

  • Double Tax Avoidance Agreement Advisory to ensure Tax efficiency

  • Post-acquisition cross- border  integration/restructuring

  • Cross Border Expansion & Divestment 


Non-Residents are always concerned about their compliance with India Taxation Rules and Regulations. In case Non-Residents own assets or have inherited wealth in India and/or have taxable income in India, then they are liable to file their Income Tax returns in India.


The pandemic crisis has brought many challenges across sectors and geographies forcing Restructuring in organisations and M&A activities. There are tremendious inorganic growth opportunities for Cash rich organisations looking for quality international assets.


Exchange controls are government-imposed limitations on the purchase and/or sale of currencies. We, at GCA focus on taking a holistic approach in forming strategies to capture value across the boundaries.


Transfer pricing is an accounting procedure that reflects the amount that one division within the company charges another division for the goods or services that are provided.


Multinationals operate in multiple countries and talent mobility is a key element of a successful global business. Global Mobility within these MNC comes with challenges and risks, as well as opportunities.

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